Teaching Jobs 2014.

Teaching Jobs 2014.

Enlighten young minds to become the Leaders of tomorrow!

Shweta Tiwari, my history teacher took us into an era of history with her captivating stories about the kings and their kingdom. I never had to read through the book again to memorize the chapter as all got registered well. My teacher made me discover the historian within me. She carved a niche in my heart and inspiring me in every stage of life.

Teaching Jobs

Significance of a teacher

“Guru Devo Bhava” which means guru is equivalent to God. The word teacher or “Guru”, in Sanskrit means the one who imparts transcendental (spiritual) knowledge or ‘vidya’ to his students or ‘shishya’. The guru transmits his knowledge to his shishya by various teaching methods.
He is the one who pushes away the darkness and enlightens the mind with the light of knowledge.

Teachers are the people who inspire and have the strength to shape the minds of the young ones into wonderful human beings. The teacher adds value to a child and brings out the hidden strengths of the children or even helps them cultivate talents. It is a service that a teacher provides by giving her knowledge to the children and enlightening them. A good teacher can improve the lives of children whereas a bad one can have adverse effects on them.

Qualifications needed 

Teaching jobs can earn you respect in the society as well as give you a satisfaction of working for the society. A person should have an attitude and a passion to teach and connect with his/her students to become a teacher.

There are NET/SET Exams conducted by UGC twice a year. One should be a post graduate to take the exam. One can go through the selection process where one will be allotted college according to the need or after passing the exams one can appear for interviews or apply for a position of a lecturer in a University/college of their choice.

Primary and secondary teaching needs teachers to hold a degree of B.El.Ed (Bachelor of Elementary Education) or a graduate with Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) or its equivalent.

Other options

A good teacher can use his/her skills by teaching private tuitions or joining an institution providing coaching to students. This kind of teaching jobs can be taken by any one; good in a subject and wanting to create some income for themselves, hence, helping students fair well. There are no specific qualifications that a teacher needs to hold when teaching in a coaching institution. A teacher not having the qualifications of B.Ed can impart education in such institutions to enlighten students.

There is a need of good teachers who can bring in a sense of direction and rhythm in the plodding lessons. A subject gets interesting as a teacher passes on his knowledge to the students in an innovative way. A teacher helps a child reach his goals.

Kids might not remember all of what a teacher taught after years but will remember his/her teacher for what they are. Help in the growth of young and tender minds to make them future leaders of India: be a teacher.

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